Virtual Reality

Teach by experience


As education progressively moves more online, VictoryXR’s virtual reality learning solutions present an integral opportunity for K-12 students and instructors to immerse themselves in life-like VR experiences that present a promising alternative to in-person and Zoom classes.


Delivers great content

Multiplayer metaversity campus for students and faculty to learn together using our library of 60+ virtual reality classrooms and 9,000+ 3D assets.
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Career & Technical Education

Our interactive virtual reality courses provide opportunities for learners to prepare for the CTE exams and are particularly aimed at preparing learners for success


Designed for instruction

Teach with full control of your classroom, lead expeditions through pivotal historical moments, and take your students to exotic locations on and off the globe.

VictoryXR offers a media library that includes 95 recorded lessons in true spatial 3D and over 100 360° field trips around the world


Advantages of VR learning in the classroom

  • More immersive 95% 95%
  • More interactive 95% 95%
  • Improves retention 85% 85%
  • Improves understanding 70% 70%
  • Improves concentration 50% 50%
  • Enhanced academic performance 45% 45%

State and national standards based content


SAT Content and Skills


ACT College and Career Readiness Standards


Common Core State Standards


Next Generation Science Standards

Only DI does it all

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Room Design

We will help identify preferred locations, outline flow, define design requirements and design layout style

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Hardware and Accessories

Cutting-edge equipment that meets your technical needs and budget



Furniture designed and installed for ultimate performance and safety

Strategic implementation

Installation of equipment to seamlessly integrate with the facility network


Wall and Floor artwork

Build team spirit and competition with custom-branded floor and artwork


Curriculum and tournaments

Ready-to-go curriculum and 3D models

Video Walls

Allow spectators to be part of the game with full video walls


Piggyback-able Contracts

No need to start from scratch, just piggyback off of labs that we’ve already built

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DI Support

Esports specialist will be available throughout the process to ensure your lab is ‘done right’


CTE Funding

Support and guidance on how to best use the funds available to you

Let us help

Our sales specialist can help you find the best solutions for your needs.

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